Monday, 4 November 2013


Well, it has not been easy to increase my income this year, mainly due to ill health.  I am unwell a lot of the time lately and this is having a massive impact on my ability to earn money.

I am trusting in the Good Lord that everything will be okay eventually but in the meantime I have to really work within my limits.

This has meant

  • turning down a very nice piece of work last week because I knew it would require more than I could give 
  • not going to a major event in London that would have been good for me and my profile in lots of ways 
  • not doing lots of little things that I would like to do - like following up with clients, publicising my latest report and updating my CV

We are muddling through for now.  But stress levels are high, partly due to financial concerns.

It is times like this that the impact of past overspending really shows.  This is the rainy day we should have saved for.